It’s only about 10 or 11 days past the holiday season.  I was on a mission and was fortunate enough to drop some pounds over holiday, most Americans however gain 1-2 pounds during the holiday season between Halloween to New Year’s. Kick off shedding those pounds and renewing your energy with a few simple daily detox practices. The first two stay in my cycle year round..

Drink Plenty of Fluids
Start your morning with a full 8oz glass of water, hot green tea or hot lemon water to help re-hydrate and flush toins from your system, along with reducing any bloating. Throughout the day attempt to get 64-100 ounces of clear fluids like water!!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast
After that morning glass of water or tea, have a good breakfast that supports healthy digestion like oatmeal, a natural diuretic…or check out one of my meal plans for a great breakfast choice geared toward whatever program you have chosen for yourself.

Have a Hot Lunch
More specifically, have a hearty soup for lunch for a couple of days following heavy eating. Consider this on Mondays after you’ve had a few meals you know you shouldn’t have over the weekend. Choose a low hypoglycemic recipe, such as lentil, tomato or Miso soup, to curb sugar cravings. Soups will also give your stomach and intestines a break from the hard-to-digest foods.

Aside from these ideas, be sure you are still choosing nutrient-dense and fiber-rich foods for all your meals. Eliminate a few unhealthy snacks. For you grazers out there replace those snacks with fresh fruits and veggies, yogurts and nuts to ensure you have plenty of healthy options to choose from.

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