Living Fit is more than just exercising, going to the gym and eating right. It is a firm commitment to a lifestyle that instead of taking a regular vacation going on an active adventure, or instead of dinner and the movies take go out on an activity date. Enter a 5k or 10k or maybe an obstacle course for you and the family. Along with packing and choosing the right nutrition foods, and activities you can even make picking the right winery a great active, low key romantic way to spend a Saturday afternoon, or better yet take you and your son or daughter on a 48 hour adventure. It’s getting out of the house and being fit and ready to enjoy the life you’ve been working so hard for.



For me it started with fitness..specifically wanting to be more fit. I wanted to be able to know I could still play basketball with my son as he got older and being able to still play tennis with my younger one. The more I got workouts in and midlife weight came off, I wanted to be more fit. I noticed I could handle my 10 hour workdays better, my mood was better and my overall attitude towards success was better. I wanted my best to stay fit to keep my health goals in check!


Nutrition & Health

That saying that only 20% of it happens in the gym is some serious truth. What you put in your body to fuel your day, your workouts, your adventures or whatever it is you are undertaking matters to the nth degree. It all sums up to health at the end of the day. If you have your health you have everything and ever opportunity to keep moving forward in life pursuing each and every goal that you have. At that point the only thing that would be hindering you is your own self and your own state of mind. If you’ve set yourself up in the right lifestyle plan, then moving forward and the path to success will still be hard but that much easier.